Healthy Alternatives for Period Cravings

With the hormonal changes that come with your period, it is not at all uncommon to find yourself craving unhealthy foods. While these foods may taste great in the moment, they can actually cause you to feel worse in the long run. Offsetting these cravings with healthy alternatives is the best course of action, but it’s important to plan ahead when you can by having fresh fruit and vegetables on hand whenever possible. Here are some other great suggestions for healthy alternatives to cravings:

Something Sweet

  • If it’s dessert you are dying for, there are plenty of options that aren’t completely loaded with added sugar.
  • Banana soft serve – Frozen bananas pureed in a blender with a bit of milk offers the consistency of ice cream and is a cool and delicious treat that also provides a dose of potassium, which has been said to ward off cramping. Add a little peanut butter, toasted coconut, or chocolate chips to make a little extra decadent.
  • 0% fat Greek yogurt with fruit and honey or a few chocolate chips – Packed with calcium and protein, this snack is filling and something you can feel good about.
  • Cocoa dusted almonds or other nuts – many brands are now offering nuts with just a bit of flavor, making it easy to have the snack you want on hand when you want it. Look for 100 calorie packs, and you won’t be tempted to go overboard.

Craving Crunchy or Salty Snacks

  • Crunchy doesn’t have to mean fried or unhealthy, and salty snacks can often be replaced by focusing on flavor from salt-free sources like herbs and spices.
  • Cucumber chips and carrot sticks – Drizzle these healthy hydrators with lime juice and cayenne pepper for crunch with a kick. Or whip up a dip using Greek yogurt, fresh herbs and garlic for a chips and dip alternative.
  • Air popped popcorn with garlic powder or other salt-free spices – Get creative with your herb and spice toppings, and you won’t miss the salt. And you most definitely won’t miss the post-snacking bloat!
  • Roasted sweet potatoes or other vegetables – Roasted to bring out their flavors and lightly salted or dipped in ketchup, veggies can be a good substitute if you have fries on the brain. Fiber and nutrients from the veggies will help you to be feeling your best in no time.

You might not be able to control topsy turvy hormones and the cravings they can bring, but making little swaps here and there can really add up. Eating more healthily is just one way you can take back that “time of the month” and show it who’s boss.




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